Route and Footwear

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The event will be entirely off-road and traffic-free along tarmac and gravel paths with a short section across some meadow grass (depends on the state of the weather leading up to the event bearing in mind it is December!). To achieve the 5km distance it will be necessary to complete 3 laps of the circuit described above. The circuit will be marshalled in several places so it is not possible to get lost - just follow the Santa in front of you and you will arrive at the finish arch – no need to rush, just take your time and enjoy being with lots of other friendly “runners”, since we have plenty of mince pies and mulled wine for all finishers. We have done our best to provide a safe environment for all participants and spectators.

You will be expected to count your own completed laps although it is perfectly acceptable for you to complete less than the 3 laps if you want – it’s your day out so just do what you can manage. Bearing in mind the event is taking place in December you are recommended to wear appropriate footwear – it has been known to rain and sometimes snow in December!

Don’t forget nobody is counting the number of laps you do!