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Frequently Asked Questions and answers are detailed below. If you still have a query, please use get in touch.

Q. Can I enter on the day?
A. Entry on the day is possible up until the start time. There is some administration to be completed and you will need to put on your Santa Suit so allow sufficient time. Payment is by cash, cheque or credit/debit card.

Q. I've entered the event; when and where can I collect my suit?
A. Suit collection location and times are detailed on the about page.

Q. What documentation do I need to show to collect my suit; Also, can I collect suits for other runners?
A. Evidence of your race entry number (print out or smart device) is best. If collecting suits for your Team Members, a list of race entry numbers is ideal.

Q. I already have an entry. Can I make additional entries?
A. Yes! Simply go to the Enter Event page and go through the normal process to enter. After payment, new entries will show up along with your original ones on your user dashboard.

Q. I have reset my password but still cannot access my account. What can I do?
A. Please check your spam - the password reset email may have ended up in there. Once you've followed the password reset link contained in the email and set a new password, you should be able to log in.

Q. I have entered the Santa run and then found that my daughter and boyfriend wanted to enter. How can I enter them under a team?
A. You can easily add further entries to a team of your choosing; simply go to Enter the Event, create new Runner Profiles as required, choosing the Team of your choice, and then "Proceed to Payment".